The Press Openly Cheered Hillary and Booed Trump at the Vegas Debate


Could the press be any more obvious in their liberal leanings?

Fox commentator Jesse Watters witnessed something chilling at the third and final presidential debate on October 19th in Las Vegas.

The following tweet says it all.


Waters was sitting in an off-limits room for members of the press.  He states, “Press laughs and cheers for Hillary and groans and gasps when Trump speaks”.

Website “Twitchy” points out, “If you you think it will be any different if she becomes president, then I have a bridge to sell you. She will not be held accountable for a THING. Donald Trump would be.”

The past few weeks have been a circus!  So many things are wrong.  The media taking over the debates by becoming interrogators, not facilitators.  They censoring what is being reported on networks.



CNN actually spent 400 times more time reporting Trump deficiencies than the whole Iran settlement scandal.  There is so much flagrant misreporting and lies that are perpetrated by the media itself.  Who can we trust?  We have only ourselves and the private news agencies which are popping up all over America.  The “State” run networks are feeding the general populace and they are too lazy to do their own research.  This is the liberal mindset.

The media is no longer fair, balanced and unbiased.


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