Donald Trump accused of offending handicapped reporter – IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

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How is this for media bias?

Well, it actually goes deeper than meets the eye.  This is an all-out smear campaign which was carefully crafted and used to manipulate opinion against one candidate.  Sadly enough, it actually succeeded in affecting the American public to a significant degree.

NBC News published an article that states: “When asked in a recent Bloomberg poll what bothered them most about Donald Trump — of a slew of controversies — likely voters picked one action above all others: When the candidate mocked a reporter with a disability last November.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team has really run with this whole media lie.  She has used it in her campaign ads and it has most certainly been one of her most successful tactics.  A particularly poignant one was widely-circulated one involving children silently watching.  Talk about hitting at the heart of compassion with such a wicked man – making fun of someone that even children couldn’t understand.
NBC News says that “Bill Clinton even said in his convention speech that his wife “never made fun of people with disabilities. She tried to empower them based on their ability.”

And Clinton surrogate Tom Harkin, a prominent voice on disability policy, said recently, “Democrats believe in working together and bringing people with disabilities in to develop policy. Donald Trump? He makes fun of people with disabilities. That’s a throwback to a half a century ago.”  Well… again, that is a total and completely lie.  It’s propaganda and people who are not doing their own fact checking are being run over by the Democrats and the media in general.

The truth that the media is not telling you is that Donald Trump has denied that he meant to mock the reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who has arthrogryposis, a congenital condition affecting the joints.  He was simply frustrated with the fact that Kovaleski suddenly could’t remember a previous statement that he made about a group celebrating in Jersey City, the day that the twin towers went down.  This was important as the media had declared that no such thing ever happened.  Several reporters had confirmed this story back when it happened, but when all the campaign smearing started Donald Trump was again being accused of making up a story that they claim never happened.

The whole story is in this video.  Watch it for yourself.

Honestly people.  If you are too lazy to do your own research on any given subject in life, you don’t have a right to speak about it.  Harsh?  I don’t think so.  The problem with people who speak their minds is that many of them don’t have minds.  They are being constantly manipulated by the media.  It’s a dangerous position to be in.  It might take some work, but I recognize that many people in life just don’t want to do the work.  Why is that?  There is no excuse for such laziness – at least not if you ever want anyone to take you seriously.

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